For more than 25 years, Sheila Maitlen's made it her mission to develop beautiful lives by empowering others. Her extensive background in the health and beauty industries provide a vast network of expertise, business relationships, contacts and direct marketing experience. 

Sheila is known for achieving results. As events coordinator at one of OC's largest plastic surgery centers and medspas, she worked with a special team to accomplish major restructuring within the organization resulting in increased efficiency through cutting costs, improved margins and adding to sales. Sheila created multiple events that grew business relations and developed referral programs to drive clients into the office.

During her 27 years as a consultant with BeautiControl, Sheila reached Directorship in 18 months while achieving goals of Top in Sales and recruiting more than 150 women through direct marketing. At that point she joined the corporate team to train up to 100 women at a time, educating and leading them to a new career path. 

Sheila leads community and business development for countless medical practices and health and beauty enterprises by developing educational programs to advocate physical health that drive business and improve productivity. Sheila Maitlen's high energy, dedication and positivity make her a force within the world of beauty.
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